• QR Code Dog or Cat ID Tag


    Thanks to Red Dingo and PetHub, the digital age has finally caught up with your pets! Your QR tag will include a free PetHub account allowing you to store your pet's profile on line (click on the alternate product image to see an example of a pet profile on a smart phone). Should your best buddy become lost (and we hope that never happens), the finder of you pal can scan your dog's tag or key in the web address on the tag and they will be taken to your pet's PetHub web page with all their info, including a picture. Your choice of Red Bone, Navy Bone, Black Bone, Pink Bone, Pink Heart, or Black Skull. $17.00 each

    Watch the video on the RedDingo web site: http://www.reddingo.com/qr-tags/

    Each tag ships with its own unique QR code and web address.

    No activation fee the purchase price of the tag comes with a PetHub page you create for your dog.

    There will be no ongoing PetHub fees, the purchase fee covers everything.

    No engraving is necessary all the info is a scan away and will be on your dog's web page. You can update your page any time.

    You get Red Dingo's 100% quality guarantee.

    Tag ships with a split ring for attaching to your dog's collar.

    Tag is made of light weight aluminum.