While the purpose of an ID Tag on your pet is to get them home if they become lost, let that be the first order of business when it comes to choosing what to engrave on your tag.

But, did you know most of our plastic tags can be engraved on both sides? So why not use the space to add important information or have some fun!

The important information category - along with name and number, include things like a medical condition (if any), your pet is chipped or reward for the return of your pup.

For some fun with the plastic tags - on the other side you can put things like: 

    Have your people call my people

    Please call my people before they freak out

    HELLO, my name is

    Keep calm and call my mom/dad

    Help, I'm lost

    I was out on squirrel patrol and took a wrong turn

    uh oh I'm lost

    Not all who wonder are lost, but I am.

    Free beer upon return!